Green-Gram and Black-Gram Production: How Biofertilizers Can Promote Nitrogen Fixation


Introduction The significance of biofertilizers in boosting crop output has drawn a lot of interest in the search for sustainable and ecologically acceptable farming methods. In order to ensure food security and soil health, two crucial leguminous crops—green gram and black gram are crucial. These crops’ unique capacity to fix atmospheric nitrogen through a symbiotic […]

A Guide to Selecting the Right Biofertilizer for Specific Leguminous Crops and Nitrogen Needs

Introduction: Biofertilizers play a crucial role in sustainable agriculture by providing essential nutrients to crops while minimizing environmental harm. When it comes to leguminous crops, which have a natural ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen through symbiotic relationships with nitrogen-fixing bacteria, the selection of the right biofertilizer becomes even more critical. This guide aims to help […]

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